The largest indoor market in the North of the Netherlands
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Looking, searching, finding and buying makes your day a true shopping celebration.
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The largest indoor market in the North of the Netherlands

The largest indoor market in the North of the Netherlands

An indoor market with 42.000 m2 of floor space: a world of products within reach. Oriental spices and kaftans. Nail and sewing studios. Shop after shop can be found at this charming market of all trades. More than 550 businesses are waiting for you with their products and advice. You can also enjoy a snack or something sweet to eat in one of the ten catering establishments, like truly Dutch food or delicious exotic bites. Tea and coffee are available for 1 euro. You do not have to pay any admission of parking fees. The money you normally spend on admission you now can spend on the market. The project is similar to the “Eastern Market” of the (Beverwijk) Bazaar. A leisure function. The economy system is the same, but in this project emphasis will be on creating jobs and reinforcing the existing Facilities. Status

Looking, searching, finding and buying make your day off a true shopping celebration. If you do not find what you are looking for? Winschoten is just a few steps away and easily accessible by shuttle bus, water taxi, bicycle or on foot.

The money saved on admission fee can be spent on the market:

  • No admission fee
  • No parking fee
  • Tea and coffee 1 euro
  • Shuttle buses (for example, return Groningen for 5 euros)


The northeast of Groningen is in great need of both jobs and nightlife, which is precisely why we want to establish the project in the municipality of Oldambt. In the future, the vacancies will be put online on the site.

Arrangements – Tourist-recreational combination visit

It is the intention to stay for half a day in Winschoten combined with half a day Winschoter World Bazar. By actively guiding groups of visitors from the World Bazar into Winschoten, you create a solid reinforcing economic impact on the shopping centre. Oldambt Municipality provides a home to many artists and a variety of cultural activities. By organizing arrangements, a strong reinforcing effect will be achieved on these social cultural facilities. These include a half-day art exhibition, glass works, etc. in combination with a half-day indoor market.


Tenants, entrepreneurs, visitors but also residents, foundations, associations and artists from the province of Groningen and the municipality Oldambt in particular, are welcome with advice or questions. See the contact page on this site.